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*Super Mario Classroom*

Last Summer (2014), I spent the holiday making a load of Super Mario-related classroom resources/displays. I knew that it would take time, effort, money and a lot of creativity, but to me all of it was worth it because I’m proud of everything I made. There isn’t one thing I feel I could’ve done better 🙂

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*Autumn 1 Half Term *

Ok, so for those of you who are confused as to why Half Term is relevant to me, it’s because I’m a Higher Level Learning Support Assistant in a Primary School! It’s not just teachers and children who count down the days till we have a well deserved week (or 2, or 6 weeks) off.

I love spending quality time doing stuff I don’t get the chance to do during Term time, stuff like going to town, shopping, escaping the city, spending time with people and simply drinking tea/coffee somewhere other than my house or my classroom ☕️.

My week off commenced with a day out in Coventry City Centre with my mum <3. We shopped a bit and then stopped off for Brunch at the re-opened and re-furnished Nando’s. Love that place, I’m quite the awkward and fussy eater so it’s rare for me to eat out, but for Nando’s I’ll always make an exception :p. One of our purchases included a present for the youngest member of our extended family who turns 2 today, we thought he should be introduced to the one and only, Batman!

On Tuesday I stayed home and helped my mum with some housework. In the evening we made a Baked Spanish Omelette and watched Ghost Of Mars and Beneath, both of which were great!

Wednesday, I had the house to myself and I was given the annoying task of sorting out the DVDs, which people put in the wrong cases :(. I can’t stand it when people do that! I’d say about 10 were in the wrong cases, they got sorted and put on the shelf, alphabetically. I love my Saw I-VII collection, such an awesome franchise! The evening brought on a spontaneous road-trip to Birmingham to see a friend who has settled in to Uni. Brought back memories, and a feeling of relief that I’m no longer a student trying to get my degree. I love escaping the city, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. When I got home, me and my mum watched another horror favourite of ours, Stay Alive.

On Thursday, I helped out at a Fancy Dress shop, which was my first job when I turned 16. They are busy during Hallowe’en season, so I always try to help out whenever I can. My boss there is more like a friend to me so I want to help out. It wasn’t as busy as expected, but it was a nice way of earning £32. After work, I shopped around again because I had an hour to kill before my second visit within the week to Nando’s. Recently, I’ve loved wearing collared tops with tucked in, short necklaces 👚. I think it looks so pretty 🤗. I bought a 2-in-1 Oatmeal Shirt in a size 6, £10 from Primark. I met with some great friends who I work with for a catch-up. We always end up talking about work, but It’s a huge part of our lives so nothing unusual there.

This brings us to today. I woke up at my Dad’s house, got ready and walked home. Had some food and watched today’s episode of Dance Moms. Then I came back to my Dad’s, and now I’m Blogging. I’m feeling quite peckish so I may go and make myself a bowl, or 2 of Coco Pops!