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*Stationery Hauls*

This wasn’t supposed to happen! 🙊

All the above are from The Range. Such an awesome store!

Gotta love Poundland!

Last but not least, at quick visit to a Tiger Store!


*Princess Peach’s Punctuation DIY*

Display Title

Princess Peach is usually the Damsel in Distress, but this time she’s being the hero using her mushrooms to teach us about Punctuation! :p

Like many of my resources, it’s good old Powerpoint with a picture inserted and text box added.


  1. First I Googled Princess Peach and pink Super Mario mushroom and found the above images. I saved them to my USB.
  2. Then I opened Powerpoint and inserted a picture of the pink mushroom. I adjusted the size so it filled the whole page.
  3. Also saved to my USB, I Googled Punctuation Definitions and found a download to copy them from. I also used a Grammar Dictionary for some extras.
  4. Next, I inserted 2 text boxes (1 for the Punctuation symbol, the 2nd for the name and definition). I used Comic Sans MS and changed my font size depending on how long the definition was. This was placed in the centre circle on each mushroom.
  5. To make it easier to do all of the mushrooms, I right clicked on the complete first slide in the left side Slide View section, and selected the option Duplicate to add the same slide under the current one. I just edited the symbol and text for each new slide.
  6. These mushrooms were printed, cut, laminated and then cut again.
  7. I also printed the image of Princess Peach (laminated) for the display.
  8. Lastly, for the title, I already had the Super Mario Font (Chlorinap) installed on my laptop so I opened Paint and wrote Princess Peach’s Punctuation. I filled in each letter in a pattern of yellow, blue and pink (all pastel-type shades). This was printed and laminated in 3 different sections which were joined together when blue-tacked up.
  9. Finally, Princess Peach, her title and mushrooms were blue-tacked to a cupboard door for everyday use.

Here’s 2 of the mushrooms done (Full Stop. & Question Mark?), and a 3rd slide with a template for you to use.

Princess Peachs Punctuation

*Colourful Scissors DIY*

I keep my multi-coloured striped scissors at school to use so I don’t have a dudey pair at home. I found some boring-looking scissors in the kitchen and decided to put nail varnish on them. That’s right…NAIL VARNISH! ✂️💅🏽

Scissors DIY2
Nail Varnishes

I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri because they are colourful, thick and dry really fast.

I decided on a stripy pattern!

Scissors AFTER
Then I drew a black line with black nail varnish as an outline for the colours.

Then I added a shiny top coat on one side and a matte top coat on the other just to give it 2 different looks.

Scissors Complete
Shiny side!
Scissors Complete MATTE
Matte side!

So simple and cute! 😊👍🏽

*Rafiki’s Coconuts DIY*

*sings* I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Displaying everyday skills are a great idea so they can be referred to and used as prompts.

I already drew, painted and displayed Rafiki 2 years ago for my Disney-themed Maths display, but this year I gave him a new job. He is above the whiteboard with his coconut skills next to him. Another easy DIY!

  1. First, I Googled Coconut clipart and found some useful images. I wanted a mix of halves and wholes. I saved these to my USB.
  2. Then, I opened up Powerpoint and inserted both images to a page and adjusted the sizes (and rotated the half).
  3. Next, I inserted 2 text boxes. On the halves, I used Comic Sans MS in a brown colour, on the wholes I also used Comic Sans MS, but in white. The font ranged in size because some skills are longer than others.
  4. After doing my first page, I went to the left side Slides view, Right clicked on the current slide and selected the Duplicate Slide option. The same slide appears below it. This makes it easier and faster for you to make your coconuts.
  5. When I was happy with all of the coconuts, I printed, cut, laminated and then cut them out.
  6. Finally, they were blue-tacked next to Rafiki.

Here’s a template with the first slide to start you off…enjoy! 🙂

Rafikis Coconuts Template

*Super Mario’s Alphabet Stars DIY*

This was so easy, my gosh you can do this with any picture in the back ground.



  1. First, I Googled Super Mario’s Star/Starman and I saved the image I wanted to my USB.
  2. I opened up the Starman image in Paint and edited it to remove it’s eyes because that’s where the letters need to be.
  3. Then, I opened up Publisher in portrait and inserted the picture to my page.
  4. I adjusted the size so it fit right in the centre and enlarged it to fit on the page.
  5. Next, I inserted a text box and typed in Aa in Comic Sans MS size 180.
  6. This next step is just a simple way of making the other 25 letters. In the Page Navigation section on the left side of the Publisher page, right click on your page and select Insert Duplicate Page. This will add the same page below your current page, so all you’ll need to do is change the letters. Keep making duplicates after each letter!
  7. Once you’ve got all 26 letters (in capital and lower case or however preferred), print, cut, laminate and then cut again.
  8. Finally, they were blue-tacked on the wall at the front the class (by my mum who helped me prep my classroom like the Superhero she is <3).

Alphabet Stars

Here I’ve started Aa, Bb and Cc in a Powerpoint format for you to download and complete. Have fun you Superstars! ⭐️💛😊

*Super Mario’s Days and Months DIY*

Chlorinap font


photo 51
Days and Months displayed

When I started designing my Super Mario classroom a couple of years ago, I thought about the basics which were the alphabet, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, etc…after that came up with more specific ideas aimed at the Year 3 curriculum.


This was quite easy, but looking back, I did it the most complicated way 😁. *Super Mario styli* “Here we go!”

  1. First I downloaded the Super Mario Font that I wanted and saved it to my laptop. The font is called Chlorinap. Saving it means you can instantly select and type in that font on Microsoft programmes.
  2. I then opened up Microsoft word and typed all of the letters I needed, spaced out, choosing a font size.
  3. Then I printed out my letters. (A shortcut may be filling in the letters on Paint so you don ‘t have to colour them yourself- I did this for other DIYs)
  4. Next, using Sharpies, I coloured in my letters in order using the colour pattern; Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. ❤️💛💚💙
  5. I cut each letter out, laminated and then cut again. You can laminate the word as a whole, but I don’t like the excess laminate you can see around the letters so I did them all separately.
  6. Finally, blue-tack to the wall and voila! 😊

*I LOVE Stationery*

There’s not much else to say really, I always have done and always will. I’ve always been stingy with letting other people use my gel pens…now I don’t give them the chance to ask. Although I work in a Primary School, I still like keeping things in my eye-sight, or at least in my classroom, but I am a bit more kind now and do lend things to people. If things don’t get returned, it’s simple really, a nasty message goes through my mind and I begin writing it in an email ready to send out! :p

My most recent buy is Art therapy presents: Disney Issue 4 colouring magazine which is The Lion King

The Lion King art therapy

Latest Stationery hauls!

  1. Most of the wrapping paper was from The Entertainer. The Craft paper pack was from Poundland.
  2. All of this amazing stuff was from  Tiger Store.
  3. The Duck tape and Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper were from Asda, and everything else was from Tesco

If you’d like prices, locations or reviews for anything on this blog page, please feel free to comment and ask a question!

Desks and Workspaces

Needs to be neat, everything in it’s place and everything I need within reach!


Notepads and Diaries 

The amount of notepads I’ve got is ridiculous. And what’s even more Ludacris? I haven’t even used most of them yet!

Writing, Drawing and Colouring

I do all 3, and I do plan on blogging all of the drawings and art pieces I’ve done over the years. Sharpies are great, but I do feel slightly woozy when I use them!

Post-its and Stickers

Stickers ❤

Stationery Collections

My favourite collection is Humble Vintage from Home Bargains. It’s kinda like a cheaper alternative to Cath Kidston.

Humble Vintage

Other collections



Simple, stationery and sweets!

July 2014 (End of School year and my birthday)
Xmas presents
Christmas 2015


By the way, this isn’t even half of the stationery I own, I plan on adding more photos to this when I get back home! 🙂

*I am me*

“If I see something that I really like, whether it’s for men, women, boys or girls, I will buy it (clothes, accessories, etc…). I’m wearing men’s socks and a tee for an 11-12 year old right now 😋.”

Everyday I dress to impress…myself. I don’t dress for other people, for compliments or to be talked about. I accessorise all the time, I must have a ring and some other kind of jewellery on. I also choose my outfit, depending on what colour my nails are that particular week, I can’t not match! So, I like looking nice, because it gives me a kind of subtle confidence which gets me through each day. My hair has it’s crazy Mufasa days, or completely straight days, again, depending on what I feel like doing.


You’re never too old for Disney, especially when you go to Disneyland <3.


Love, love, love shirts! Especially chequered and tartan shirts. They look so nice on their own, with neck laces and they’re so comfortable. They’re the type of clothing that I’d happily buy from the men’s section as well the women’s :p.

My latest shirt was from Asda!

Other Shirts and Blouses

Comics, Cartoons and Gaming







If you’d like to know where I got a particular item of clothing from, please comment and ask. Also bear in mind that some of these were bought a while ago, so they will not be available now!

*My IG in the newspaper*

I had another moment of fame when the Coventry Telegraph asked my permission to use a photo I uploaded in IG of the sky one particular morning. I said yes and here it is :). I bought the newspaper it was featured in so I have the paper copy too! I love taking photos of the sky, the colours, clouds, especially from an aeroplane where the clouds look like marshmallows :p. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate these amazing things in life that are around us everyday, the world is an amazing place!

My original IG upload!

 Other beautiful moments that I had to capture!


*Alphabet Owls DIY*

I helped a fellow TA out who needed the Alphabet displayed in her classroom so I showed her my Number Owls and asked her if she wanted Alphabet Owls. All I needed to change were the numbers, to letters, and because less were needed than the numbers, I made them bigger so they fit 2 to a page instead of 4.

  1. First, I Googled Owls and found some cute owls in a variety of colours and saved them all in a file on my USB. Keeping them all in the same place makes it so easy for you.
  2. I then opened up Publisher in portrait and added 2 different owl images to each page (insert a new page when needed).
  3. Then, insert a text box and type in your first letter (both capital and lower case) deciding on your font style and size. I chose Comic Sans ms sizes 150 or less depending on the letter.
  4. I then copied and pasted the text box again and placed it on the other owl, changing the letters.
  5. Then she printed, cut, laminated and (again) cut them all out. When you cut the owls leave a little white border, and then when you cut the laminated owls, leave another border to stop the pouch from splitting.

Unfortunately, my original file was created on Publisher so I won’t be able to give you guys the download (as seen in the featured image above). I have, however, created the first 2 pages (Aa, Bb, Cc & Dd) in a Powerpoint format so after downloading it, you just need to add more owls, copy and paste the text boxes that I’ve already created for you (you’re welcome :))

Alphabet Owls