*Winnie the Pooh DIY*

Happy New Year everyone, make 2016 a great one! (Okay, this post was started on 02/01/16 so I’m keeping this in.)

I decided to ditch family for the first time and welcomed the new year at a friend’s Fancy Dress House Party. Now, I didn’t have time to plan an outfit so I decided to make my own. I did however get the chance to run around town for a few hours so I managed to get the last few bits and bobs that I needed. I had an idea in mind which was to go as Super Mario because I already have a hat and some Yoshis so I was planning on holding one all night, but then I remembered that I had a beautiful yellow dress and all I needed was a red tee over it, which I also had. My first job when I turned 16 was at Arcade Fancy Dress and Party Shop as a Saturday girl, but I didn’t like, and still don’t like dressing up as someone/something else. Hell I don’t even like wearing Asian clothing at Asian functions. I love being comfortable and I dress for me, not to impress other people, so I was in a win/win situation here…dressing like Disney’s Winnie The Pooh in my own clothes <3. I did put in the effort to accessorize and look the part, so here’s what I did.


Hunny Pot 🍯🐝

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  1. So this was quite easy to do, first I just basically emptied out my Haribo sweet box by eating everything (that was a joke, most of it still hasn’t been devoured)
  2. Then, I snapped off the handle and drew around the circumference of the base to make a circle that would fit nicely on top of the lid. I then glued this onto the lid to create a base to build up on.
  3. Next, I got some thin paper (the stuffing from a new holdall) and started to papier mache it over the lid (with an equal mixture of PVA glue and water). I also found a cute lid from another sweet box with a small circular handle to place in the middle, so I kept layering the paper and PVA/water mixture and then made the shape of Winnie’s Hunny Pot lid.
  4. After that, I flipped the base over and painted it all a nice brown colour. Unfortunately, due to the sweet box being plastic, all the paint has now flaked off and I was left with only the lid intact. Next time I’ll make sure to cover it with paper and then paint over it.
  5. I waited for my lid to dry, and harden and then placed in on the dry base. I made sure that it was strong enough to pull open from the little circular handle to ensure it was still a fully-functional box/container. If it’s still weak, be sure to add another layer of paper and PVA/water. I then painted the lid brown.
  6. Last but not least, using the Winnie picture above, I wrote H U N N Y in PVA glue and sprinkled fine, gold glitter over it. There you have your Hunny Pot, I carried this around for a bit and had some chocolate treats inside.

Pooh’s ears

Another easy DIY

  1. First, I got some white paper and folded it in half. On one side, at the crease, I drew an ear and then cut it out. After opening it up, I was left with a symmetrical piece which I wrapped over my black headband. I repeated this for the second ear and glued them both in place. I also stapled them to stop them from moving along the headband.
  2. Then, I cut out some bits of cardboard for the insides of the ears. I cut 4 altogether and stuck them on. Using card meant that mounting them on also created some height to make them really look like ears.
  3. Finally the fun part, I put glue all over the 4 sides and sprinkled gold glitter on.

Winnie Costume 🐻

In terms of my actual outfit, I put on a red tee over my yellow lace dress and I wore a brown belt to match my Hunny Pot. The only thing I bought for this were the shoes, from my new favourite shop Pep&Co for £6, but they’re not the type of shoes that I’ll only wear the once! I also had a yellow boyfriend cardigan, which was the same shade of yellow as my dress.

Pooh Tee

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  1. This was one of my missions in town on the day, I needed either glittery gold or yellow paper to write Pooh on my red tee. I found this pack of Glitter Sheets from Poundland, for…well £1 :p
  2. Next, I Googled Pooh tee and found an image online of a red tee with the name Pooh on…perfect!
  3. Then, I turned my yellow glitter sheet face down and drew the letters back to front, copying the Winnie The Pooh font. I then cut them out.
  4. After, I put my red tee flat and decided where to place the letters. I have long hair, so I wanted to place it well below where my hair sat so people could appreciate the Pooh!
  5. Using a hot glue gun, I positioned the letters on my tee and then stuck them down when I was happy with the placement. There you go! I’ve actually peeled the letters off, and have my normal red tee back. The Pooh letters are also safe for whenever I may need them again.

Nails 💅🏽

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I am obsessed with Technic‘s nail varnishes! I have more than I need, but they’re just so fabulous, last so long and they’re only 99p from Bodycare 🙂 (a bit more online). Check out my hashtag #BhandalNails to see some of my nail colours, art and Nails of the Week!

I painted my nails with 2 coats of Jet Black, and then 2 gradient-type patterns of Christmas Cracker to Lustre, and vice-versa.


All I needed here was a couple of red rings. Yellow and gold would also look amazing with the whole ensemble.


Have fun making your own Pooh costume! 🙂 ❤️🐻💛


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