*7 Things About Me!*


7 things about me:
1. If I see something that I really like, whether it’s for men, women, boys or girls, I will buy it (clothes, accessories, etc…). I’m wearing men’s socks and a tee for an 11-12 year old right now 😋.
2. Over the years I’ve had about 10 fillings, fillings replaced, 5 teeth extracted, fixed braces, many scale and polishes and I still wear my retainers once a month. I’m definitely not afraid of the dentist, but it still makes me feel better to have my mum with me. Oh and I have no affiliation with Bhandal Dentist 😁.
3. I love watching people I know play football. At Stringer I used to watch practises and matches, I watched Edgehill’s practises because my brother used to play for them, and for the past 3 years I’ve watched Broad Heath’s practises and matches. It makes me feel proud and I get to witness amazing football.
4. I’ve spent £1480 on tickets to watch live Tennis, and I’m going to spend more 😍🎾.
5. I have to do about 30 minutes of jogging everyday, just jogging around the house. Even when I’m on holiday abroad I find time to do it, my family are used to me randomly running in and out of rooms! 😅
6. Everyday I accessorise so that my clothes, jewellery and nails match in some way. I can’t not do it 😊.
7. I don’t like reading books. The only book I own is The Neverending Story, I started it about 5 years ago and I still haven’t gotten round to finishing it. If there’s a choice between reading the book or watching the film adaptation…the film wins every time .

01/02/15 Facebook

8. My own extra one would be I’m creative in weird ways. I’ll randomly come up with an idea (spend money if needed) and do it. It’ll be something to do with drawing, nails, jewellery, DIYs, clothing, making resources, decorating…even Instagramming in some creative way!


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