*Owl Numbers DIY*

The current Maths board in my classroom is Woodland Theme based so I wanted to create some numbers to match it. They are lined up above the display board, and they go from -20 to 40 like a number line. This was an easy DIY, the only time-consuming part was the cutting and laminating, but it was worth it because the whole number line looks adorable.

Having a Hoot!

Owls ss.jpg

  1. First, I Googled Owls and found some cute owls in a variety of colours and saved them all in a file on my USB. Keeping them all in the same place makes it so easy for you.
  2. I then opened up Publisher in portrait and added 4 different owl images to each page (insert a new page when needed).
  3. Then, insert a text box and type in your first number deciding on your font style and size. I chose Comic Sans ms size 80.
  4. I then copied and pasted the text box 3 times and placed each one on a separate owl, changing the numbers.
  5. Then I printed, cut, laminated and (again) cut them all out. When I cut the owls I left a little white border, and then when I cut the laminated owls, I left another border to stop the pouch from splitting.
  6. Finally, they were blue-tacked to the wall and their eyes are on me everyday. I can’t not be happy when I see them :).

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