*Squirrel, Leaves & Acorns: Fractions, Percentages & Decimals DIY*

This was another cute DIY, because I found an adorable Squirrel 🌰🐿on Andy Westface’s IG to put next to the title, or to “say the title!” :p.

So, in keeping with our Maths Woodland Theme, I wanted to display equivalent Fractions, Percentages and Decimals in a creative way than just a chart so I thought of leaves and acorns to go alongside the Squirrel.

My original IG upload!


  1. First I Googled Acorn clipart and found the above left image. I wanted to make it bit more vibrant so I edited it using Microsoft Office.
  2. For the title, I inserted a speech box on a blank page and typed my title, edited the font, sixe and colour accordingly. I used a speech box to show the squirrel saying the title :).
  3. I then opened up some Publisher pages (portrait) and added 2 acorn images to each page.
  4. Next, I found the main equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals online.
  5. In the green leaf, I put a text box showing percentages, the orange leaf had the fractions (3 separate text boxes) and the acorn displayed the decimals.
  6. I then printed, cut, laminated and (again) cut the squirrel, title and acorns. Be sure to leave a bit of border when cutting any laminated resources, otherwise the pouches may eventually split.
  7. Finally, all were blue-tacked onto the Maths display board. I left one blank so that the children can write on it using a whiteboard pen during a lesson on said topic.

Enjoy and have fun! 🙂

Because I’m so kind, I’ve created this resource in Powerpoint so you can download it and edit it as you wish. There’s one complete one and another with just the text boxes.

Squirrels Fractions, Percentages and Decimals


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