*The World Is Our Oyster: Earth DIY*

It sure is, and yet I’ve still not left the city I was born in for more than a month :p.

So, class mantras are a huge thing and we got quite creative this year. We decided on the above mantra, and I designed some lettering for it, and painted the Earth to go with it :). 🌎🌍🌏

The World Is Our Oyster Title

My original title was created on Publisher so I can’t upload that, I have however, created the word W O R L D using the World map images (1,2 & 3) as the backgrounds so feel free to download it and edit it as you please. You can change the letters, font, size, background images, outline colour, etc…

I split the World map images into 3 parts and used the images consecutively for each letter so when they are placed next to each other to spell out your title, you can see the whole World.

The Earth

So, creating the Earth was pretty straight forward.

  1. First, I got a square piece of cardboard, drew a large circle and cut it out.
  2. I then Googled World Map outine and found what I wanted. You need a general continental outline, not a map with the outlines of all of the countries. I also made sure that I featured Europe on it, for obvious reason!
  3. Next, I drew the outlines of Europe, Africa and smaller parts of others using a pencil, and then went over the pencil using a black marker pen.
  4. I bought some Go Create Paints from Tesco; green and blue. I added about 3-4 layers of paint to give it the boldness it has. Foe the oceans I brushed back and forth, but for land, I used the stippling effect with the brush.
  5. Finally,  I used some blue glitter paint to go over the oceans to create a bit of sparkle. 🙂

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