*Alphabet Owls DIY*

I helped a fellow TA out who needed the Alphabet displayed in her classroom so I showed her my Number Owls and asked her if she wanted Alphabet Owls. All I needed to change were the numbers, to letters, and because less were needed than the numbers, I made them bigger so they fit 2 to a page instead of 4.

  1. First, I Googled Owls and found some cute owls in a variety of colours and saved them all in a file on my USB. Keeping them all in the same place makes it so easy for you.
  2. I then opened up Publisher in portrait and added 2 different owl images to each page (insert a new page when needed).
  3. Then, insert a text box and type in your first letter (both capital and lower case) deciding on your font style and size. I chose Comic Sans ms sizes 150 or less depending on the letter.
  4. I then copied and pasted the text box again and placed it on the other owl, changing the letters.
  5. Then she printed, cut, laminated and (again) cut them all out. When you cut the owls leave a little white border, and then when you cut the laminated owls, leave another border to stop the pouch from splitting.

Unfortunately, my original file was created on Publisher so I won’t be able to give you guys the download (as seen in the featured image above). I have, however, created the first 2 pages (Aa, Bb, Cc & Dd) in a Powerpoint format so after downloading it, you just need to add more owls, copy and paste the text boxes that I’ve already created for you (you’re welcome :))

Alphabet Owls


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