*I am me*

“If I see something that I really like, whether it’s for men, women, boys or girls, I will buy it (clothes, accessories, etc…). I’m wearing men’s socks and a tee for an 11-12 year old right now 😋.”

Everyday I dress to impress…myself. I don’t dress for other people, for compliments or to be talked about. I accessorise all the time, I must have a ring and some other kind of jewellery on. I also choose my outfit, depending on what colour my nails are that particular week, I can’t not match! So, I like looking nice, because it gives me a kind of subtle confidence which gets me through each day. My hair has it’s crazy Mufasa days, or completely straight days, again, depending on what I feel like doing.


You’re never too old for Disney, especially when you go to Disneyland <3.


Love, love, love shirts! Especially chequered and tartan shirts. They look so nice on their own, with neck laces and they’re so comfortable. They’re the type of clothing that I’d happily buy from the men’s section as well the women’s :p.

My latest shirt was from Asda!

Other Shirts and Blouses

Comics, Cartoons and Gaming







If you’d like to know where I got a particular item of clothing from, please comment and ask. Also bear in mind that some of these were bought a while ago, so they will not be available now!


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