*I LOVE Stationery*

There’s not much else to say really, I always have done and always will. I’ve always been stingy with letting other people use my gel pens…now I don’t give them the chance to ask. Although I work in a Primary School, I still like keeping things in my eye-sight, or at least in my classroom, but I am a bit more kind now and do lend things to people. If things don’t get returned, it’s simple really, a nasty message goes through my mind and I begin writing it in an email ready to send out! :p

My most recent buy is Art therapy presents: Disney Issue 4 colouring magazine which is The Lion King

The Lion King art therapy

Latest Stationery hauls!

  1. Most of the wrapping paper was from The Entertainer. The Craft paper pack was from Poundland.
  2. All of this amazing stuff was from  Tiger Store.
  3. The Duck tape and Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper were from Asda, and everything else was from Tesco

If you’d like prices, locations or reviews for anything on this blog page, please feel free to comment and ask a question!

Desks and Workspaces

Needs to be neat, everything in it’s place and everything I need within reach!


Notepads and Diaries 

The amount of notepads I’ve got is ridiculous. And what’s even more Ludacris? I haven’t even used most of them yet!

Writing, Drawing and Colouring

I do all 3, and I do plan on blogging all of the drawings and art pieces I’ve done over the years. Sharpies are great, but I do feel slightly woozy when I use them!

Post-its and Stickers

Stickers ❤

Stationery Collections

My favourite collection is Humble Vintage from Home Bargains. It’s kinda like a cheaper alternative to Cath Kidston.

Humble Vintage

Other collections



Simple, stationery and sweets!

July 2014 (End of School year and my birthday)
Xmas presents
Christmas 2015


By the way, this isn’t even half of the stationery I own, I plan on adding more photos to this when I get back home! 🙂


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