*Super Mario’s Alphabet Stars DIY*

This was so easy, my gosh you can do this with any picture in the back ground.



  1. First, I Googled Super Mario’s Star/Starman and I saved the image I wanted to my USB.
  2. I opened up the Starman image in Paint and edited it to remove it’s eyes because that’s where the letters need to be.
  3. Then, I opened up Publisher in portrait and inserted the picture to my page.
  4. I adjusted the size so it fit right in the centre and enlarged it to fit on the page.
  5. Next, I inserted a text box and typed in Aa in Comic Sans MS size 180.
  6. This next step is just a simple way of making the other 25 letters. In the Page Navigation section on the left side of the Publisher page, right click on your page and select Insert Duplicate Page. This will add the same page below your current page, so all you’ll need to do is change the letters. Keep making duplicates after each letter!
  7. Once you’ve got all 26 letters (in capital and lower case or however preferred), print, cut, laminate and then cut again.
  8. Finally, they were blue-tacked on the wall at the front the class (by my mum who helped me prep my classroom like the Superhero she is <3).

Alphabet Stars

Here I’ve started Aa, Bb and Cc in a Powerpoint format for you to download and complete. Have fun you Superstars! ⭐️💛😊


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