*Rafiki’s Coconuts DIY*

*sings* I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Displaying everyday skills are a great idea so they can be referred to and used as prompts.

I already drew, painted and displayed Rafiki 2 years ago for my Disney-themed Maths display, but this year I gave him a new job. He is above the whiteboard with his coconut skills next to him. Another easy DIY!

  1. First, I Googled Coconut clipart and found some useful images. I wanted a mix of halves and wholes. I saved these to my USB.
  2. Then, I opened up Powerpoint and inserted both images to a page and adjusted the sizes (and rotated the half).
  3. Next, I inserted 2 text boxes. On the halves, I used Comic Sans MS in a brown colour, on the wholes I also used Comic Sans MS, but in white. The font ranged in size because some skills are longer than others.
  4. After doing my first page, I went to the left side Slides view, Right clicked on the current slide and selected the Duplicate Slide option. The same slide appears below it. This makes it easier and faster for you to make your coconuts.
  5. When I was happy with all of the coconuts, I printed, cut, laminated and then cut them out.
  6. Finally, they were blue-tacked next to Rafiki.

Here’s a template with the first slide to start you off…enjoy! 🙂

Rafikis Coconuts Template


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