*Princess Peach’s Punctuation DIY*

Display Title

Princess Peach is usually the Damsel in Distress, but this time she’s being the hero using her mushrooms to teach us about Punctuation! :p

Like many of my resources, it’s good old Powerpoint with a picture inserted and text box added.


  1. First I Googled Princess Peach and pink Super Mario mushroom and found the above images. I saved them to my USB.
  2. Then I opened Powerpoint and inserted a picture of the pink mushroom. I adjusted the size so it filled the whole page.
  3. Also saved to my USB, I Googled Punctuation Definitions and found a download to copy them from. I also used a Grammar Dictionary for some extras.
  4. Next, I inserted 2 text boxes (1 for the Punctuation symbol, the 2nd for the name and definition). I used Comic Sans MS and changed my font size depending on how long the definition was. This was placed in the centre circle on each mushroom.
  5. To make it easier to do all of the mushrooms, I right clicked on the complete first slide in the left side Slide View section, and selected the option Duplicate to add the same slide under the current one. I just edited the symbol and text for each new slide.
  6. These mushrooms were printed, cut, laminated and then cut again.
  7. I also printed the image of Princess Peach (laminated) for the display.
  8. Lastly, for the title, I already had the Super Mario Font (Chlorinap) installed on my laptop so I opened Paint and wrote Princess Peach’s Punctuation. I filled in each letter in a pattern of yellow, blue and pink (all pastel-type shades). This was printed and laminated in 3 different sections which were joined together when blue-tacked up.
  9. Finally, Princess Peach, her title and mushrooms were blue-tacked to a cupboard door for everyday use.

Here’s 2 of the mushrooms done (Full Stop. & Question Mark?), and a 3rd slide with a template for you to use.

Princess Peachs Punctuation


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