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*Weekly Planner DIY*

  1. First, buy a frame or clip frame in the size you want. I got this A3 one from The Range. I also got the pad of Scrapbook paper and Peter Rabbit Planner Sheets from there too, because I’m slightly obsessed with that place.
Border and backing

2. Remove the glass/plastic from your frame. I used the insert that was already in the frame and just turned it over to use the blank side. I first put some scrapbook paper on the right side, and a planner sheet on the left until I was happy with how it looked. Then I added some silver glitter tape as a border and to hold it all in place.

3. Using a different piece of scrapbook paper, I cut out some lettering which I first drew on free-hand. After cutting out the letters, I placed them on my planner to check if they fit and decided where I wanted to put them. Then, I glued them on separate pieces of plain paper to make them stand out on the patterned backing.

4. Then, I put some washi-tape around my headings to make them stand out a little. These were glued onto the backing.

5. I then put a couple of little post-it and sticky notes in some gaps. Where the backing scrapbook paper is quite busy and patterned, I left it like that because the backing has some cute hearts and flowers on it and it’d be a shame to cover them.

 6. Put the glass/plastic back on and get organised. Make sure you use a whiteboard pen! 🙂


*Leopard Print Duck Tape DIYs*

Duck tape is an amazing thing and it’s so useful. Here are 3 of things I’ve done with it.

Check out my Duck tape blog to see where I got them all from: *Duck/Duckling & Washi Tapes*

Leopard Print Tissue Box

I wanted to re-use this tissue box so I pulled it all apart and put tape over every side, including the flaps. Then I taped it back in place and put some tissues in it!

Leopard Print Tub

My mum has a habit of keeping boxes, tubs and containers so I simply covered one with my duck tape. Love how it turned out!.

Leopard Print Pen Pot

Had a sweets’ pot, decided to put a bit of tape around it and voila. A present for my mum :).

*Pastel Polka-Dot Pencils DIY*

I’ve seen some videos showing this DIY and just had a random urge yesterday to try it out myself. It’s pretty straight forward, but I’ve got some suggestions to make it better from what I did.

  1. First, get some pencils that you’re happy to paint over. Lighter colours will be easier to paint over, darker ones will obviously require more coats of paint.
  2. Then, I got my paints (pink, yellow, green and blue), and turned them into pastel colours by mixing in white until I was happy with the colour. I actually ended up using pastel nail varnish for the yellow and green pencils because they would’ve required too many coats of paint and a lot of patience, which I didn’t have at the time :p.
  3. I used a painting sponge instead of a brush because the paint goes on better and not as streaky.
  4. I painted about 3 coats of the pastel paints, and 2 coats of the nail varnishes. This covered the pencil thick enough to hide the writing that was on it.
  5. After that, I got white paint and some nail dotting tools for the polka-dots. I think white nail varnish is better to use than paint, because the white is more white and the paint seemed a little faint, especially on the pink pencil.
  6. Put the dots on each section of the pencil and keep rotating until it’s all polka-dotted! I also applied some white nail varnish on the ends of 2 of the pencils, and washi tape on another.
  7. For the pencils to dry, both when painted and dotted, I just put 4 balls of blue-tack on my desk and pushed the pencils down, ensuring that the nib was at the top because that part doesn’t sit in the blue-tack as well as the flatter end.
  8. You can either leave your pencils as they are, or my other idea is to cover them with a coat of matte nail varnish which would look pretty cool. There you go! 🙂






*Super Mario Kart Class Mantra*

Last year, when I was a Teaching Assistant in Year 3, I wanted a Super Mario themed classroom so anything I could think of and make, was accomplished the summer before!

Mantra Lettering

My class mantra was “In The Right Lane, To Gain! and this was put above the door. I drew Yoshi and Toad, and a child from my Year 4 class before helped me paint them.

For the lettering, I drew free-hand on red, yellow, green and blue paper. The font was a Super Mario font called Chlorinap. It was cut out, laminated and cut out again. My mum helped me blue-tack it on.



On the door, I also put the 3 types of shells for décor.


I Googled Super Mario Kart characters and Karts and saved a load of images onto my USB.

I replaced the characters’ faces with faces of my class. I also added some extra items next to the characters to show that it was a competitive race. The faces and items were stuck on and laminated.





*Monthly Planner DIY*

I got this idea from a Youtuber called LaurDIY who has lots of DIY videos! I just happened to come across her channel and subscribed straight away. Her DIY Wall Organizer is what inspired me to make my own organiser in the form of a Monthly Planner!

I tried it once, and then made another one for my mum for Mother’s Day ❤ (I will upload a blog about that too).

  1. First, buy a frame of some sort in the size you want. I bought a 16″ x 20″ Clip Frame from Asda.



2. After removing the metal clips and plastic/glass from the top, use some washi tape to make a border on your paper (I used the original insert and just turned it over to the blank side). I used a Gold Glitter washi tape that I bought from Tesco.

3. Decide on a title/heading for your planner/organiser. I chose ‘Monthly Planner’ for mine. Use scrapbook paper and cut out some lettering. I chose the font style Chlorinap which is a type of Super Mario Font. I found the alphabet, drew the letters on free-hand and then cut them out. I chose a different patterned paper for ‘Planner’, but same font and size.

4. Position your letters on your paper so you can make sure they all fit and once you’re  completely happy with where they are. glue them down. I also left some room to make borders using washi tape/craft tape. You can see where I got my tapes from by clicking here: *Duck/Duckling & Washi Tapes*

5. In LaurDIY’s video, she uses Paint Sample cards for the calendar section of her organiser, I used Post-it notes. I chose a colour order going down in the first column, for the second column I started with a different colour but same colour order. You need 7 x 5 so you have 35 all together. I made my Sunday column small because a) I ran out of room, and b) Sundays are days of rest! After you’re happy with the placement, stick them down.

6. On the right side of my planner, I decided to put on a sheet of lined paper to write shopping lists, extra info, To Do lists, etc…I also filled in any gaps using some funky Post-it notes. I also added a thin, rectilinear piece of scrapbook paper above my post-it notes as an underlining to write the current month on.

7. I had a boring whiteboard pen so I just decorated it using my gold glitter tape. I also added a bit of gold pen to the lid. This is blue-tacked on my planner! Make sure you pen is a whiteboard pen so it will rub off.

8. After you’re happy with how everything looks, and it’s all been glued down, attach the plastic/glass back over the top and there you go! 🙂

*Classroom Drawer Labels DIY*

This is more of a DIY for the start of the school year. As well as the children’s drawer labels, you might have a range of drawers that you use for resources, so here’s the download for the labels above: Drawer Labels, or you can make your own using the steps below.

  1. Open up Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint.
  2. Insert a Text Box and decide on the size, outline style/colour by either double clicking on the box and selecting Drawing Tools/Format above or by right clicking on the box and selecting Format Shape. Remember, drawers vary in size so make sure you make your labels the right size.
  3. Click inside the box and decide on a font and font size (I tend to use Comic Sans MS). Type in your first label to check the font and size.
  4. Right click on the box and select copy/(ctrl c), then click somewhere outside the box and right click again selecting paste/(ctrl v). Doing this will make it easier for you because all you’ll need to do for the rest of your drawers is change the label name/colour (and maybe the size depending on the label name).
  5. When you’re happy with them, simply print, cut, laminate and cut again. Then just blue-tack them onto the front of your drawers.

*Sugar? Yes please!*


Happy Easter everyone :).

I have a sweet tooth and I eat sweets daily. I don’t eat chocolate so I don’t feel so bad about eating sweets! Marshmallows, marshmallow fluff, Haribos, jelly beans/babies/bunnies, dolly mix, lollipops, etc…

A kid at school got me a Weenie Beanies jelly bean holder so I just stock up on my sweets and keep it on my desk. I also have a supply at school 👍.

Pictures 1 & 2: Set of 3 Tins from Home Bargains.

Picture: 4 of sweets for £1 at Asda.

Pictures 5/6/7: Fox’s sweets £1 each from Home Bargains.

*Minnie Mouse Tape Dispenser DIY*

This DIY is from another blog post of mine: *Floral Tape Dispenser DIY* , but I’ve made a couple more with different designs so I decided to post another blog to show you the photos.

Here’s the step by step to the DIY:

  1. First, buy a plastic tape dispenser. I got mine from Tiger Store. You also need some scrapbook/wrapping paper to put inside the dispenser to make it look nice: Minnie Mouse Wrapping Paper.
  2. After I chose some wrapping/scrapbook paper, I drew around my template once, and then flipped it over horizontally to draw the second piece. I used the template from my first tape dispenser DIY. Check out that blog post to see how I made it.
  3. Next, I pulled my tape dispenser apart and inserted the 2 pieces.
  4. Then I put it back together again.
  5. For the Minnie Mouse one, the wrapping paper is quite flimsy so I put a bit of tape on it attaching it to the inside of the tape dispenser to stop it moving around.
  6. There you go!

*Jurassic World Stationery*

Another couple of fab purchases from The Range: Pop-up pencils and Gel pens. There’s more Jurassic World merchandise there but I was good at the time, and now I regret not getting more stuff! 🙊

26/03/16 Update

So, I went back yesterday and bought a notebook to add to my collection!

I also forgot to mention what I did earlier in March. It was my brother’s birthday on the 2nd and I really wanted to give him this Jurassic World birthday card that I say in Asda, but unfortunately, it said “You’re 7” on the front! I added an extra word and voila, the perfect card for a 32 year old Jurassic World fan!