*Botanica Storage Box*

A while ago, I came home from school and my mum had brought me this adorable storage box from Wilkos. She got it for a discounted price of £1.50 because it didn’t have the part which held the string to keep the box closed. This is from Wilko’s stationery collection called Botanica. Here’s the link to the Botanica Storage Box and the Botanica Stationery Collection.


My original idea was to glue a bead onto the box, but then I decided to use the top part of my Far Away perfume where the perfume sprays out, because it’s gold and matches the box.

I glued it on and held it in place. Some of the glue went on the actual box and because it dries with a matte effect, I just brushed some clear nail varnish over it (around the gold).

Now it’s as good as new! 🙂



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