*Giant School Pencil DIY*

We wanted a Grammar display in the classroom this year because Grammar is important and used throughout the years! We are all familiar with the yellow and black stripy school pencils so we thought I’d be a great idea to have a giant pencil as a focal point.

  1. To make it I got a large rectangular piece of cardboard.
  2. I then folded it into 6 sections to create the Hexagonal Prism. Remember to make the top and bottom sections a little longer (like tabs) to join them together (either by gluing or stapling the tabs).
  3. After folding the cardboard to get the sections, I began sticking yellow and black paper squares/rectangles consecutively onto each section.
  4. Then I stapled it onto a rainbow-coloured display board.
  5. To make the nib, I got some white card and created a cone shape.
  6. I found a nude-coloured piece of material, I stapled it over the card to make the nib.
  7. For the lead a simply got some aluminium foil and attached it onto the nib and made it look sharp by pitching the end. This was attached straight onto the pencil on the display board.
  8. For the red end, I got a ball that fit into the end of the pencil and wrapped it in red tissue paper. It sat perfectly on the end, it didn’t fall in the pencil.

For the extras around the display, such as the Punctuation Pyramid and Folding Contraction cards, I will post some blogs with links to these resources.


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