*Floral Tape Dispenser DIY* 


Don’t get confused with the title, I’m not showing you how to make a tape dispenser, I’m just showing you how to make one look a bit better!

Such an easy DIY, and kind of obvious!

  1. First, buy a plastic tape dispenser. I got mine from Tiger Store. You also need some scrapbook paper to put inside the dispenser to make it look nice.
  2. There are 2 ways of making a template for the inside of your dispenser. The first is by drawing around the dispenser straight onto the card that’s in place. Then just cut it out and check that it fits.
  3. The second way is the way I prefer. I took the dispenser apart so I was left with the 2 plastic parts. I simply drew around one of the parts and cut out the paper.
  4. Next, I inserted the paper to make sure it fit. I had to cut some extra little bits to make it fit better.
  5. Then, I drew around the template on my scrapbook paper. I drew it one way, and then flipped the template horizontally to draw around it again.
  6. You are then left with the 2 inserts. Time to put the tape dispenser back together again. There you have it! 🙂


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