*Duck/Duckling & Washi Tapes*

I don’t know where this obsession came from, but craft tapes are amazing. The variety of Duck tapes in existence is out of this word (some literally Space-themed), I didn’t even discover Duckling tapes until last week. I just seem to see Duck and Washi tapes everywhere I go so I decided to start bringing them home with me, after all, they need homes :p.

Here, I’ll post links to where I purchased all of the above tapes from.

  1. Rainbow tape: Tiger Store
  2. Gold Glitter tape: Tesco Scottie Dog and Leopard print Duck tapes : Asda
  3. Pastel Patterned tapes: Tiger Store
  4. Multi-coloured Glitter tapes & Forest Friends Duck tape: The Range
  5. Love-themed tapes: Poundland
  6. Bold Coloured and Patterned tapes: Tiger Store
  7. 7 & 8 Multi-coloured Zig-Zag Duckling tape: Hobby Craft
  8. ”                                                            “
  9. 9-11 Pastel Zig-Zag and Hexagonal tapes: Hobby Craft



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