*Washi Tape Border DIY*

I was given this present at the end of my second year working as a Year 4 Teaching Assistant by a kid who, 2 years later, still comes for a chat every now and then. It’s taken me 2 years to decide what to do with it! It was given as a scroll, so it’s been rolled up since, but my intention always was to put it into a clip frame. I had an idea to brighten it up by adding a Washi tape border. It’s turned out great, and I’ve shown it to the kid who gave it to me, she likes it too! 🙂

Sorry to state the obvious with this DIY, it literally is just putting tape on a sheet of paper!

  1. Check that your sheet of paper fits in your clip frame.
  2. Open the clip frame and remove the metal clips to lift off the glass/plastic. I bought mine from The Range.
  3. Pick some Washi tape. I got mine from Hobby Craft.
  4. Make sure the tape will fit as the border, and ensure it won’t cover any of the typing/writing.
  5. I started at the bottom and pulled the tape across. When you get to the end, leave some excess tape to fold over the sheet.
  6. The next side, I overlapped the start of the tape where I finished the previous side. When you do the 4th side, lift the 1st piece and tuck the 4th under to keep the pattern consistent.
  7. Put your glass/plastic back on, and clip it all into place. Voila! 🙂


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