*Minnie Mouse Tape Dispenser DIY*

This DIY is from another blog post of mine: *Floral Tape Dispenser DIY* , but I’ve made a couple more with different designs so I decided to post another blog to show you the photos.

Here’s the step by step to the DIY:

  1. First, buy a plastic tape dispenser. I got mine from Tiger Store. You also need some scrapbook/wrapping paper to put inside the dispenser to make it look nice: Minnie Mouse Wrapping Paper.
  2. After I chose some wrapping/scrapbook paper, I drew around my template once, and then flipped it over horizontally to draw the second piece. I used the template from my first tape dispenser DIY. Check out that blog post to see how I made it.
  3. Next, I pulled my tape dispenser apart and inserted the 2 pieces.
  4. Then I put it back together again.
  5. For the Minnie Mouse one, the wrapping paper is quite flimsy so I put a bit of tape on it attaching it to the inside of the tape dispenser to stop it moving around.
  6. There you go!

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