*Classroom Drawer Labels DIY*

This is more of a DIY for the start of the school year. As well as the children’s drawer labels, you might have a range of drawers that you use for resources, so here’s the download for the labels above: Drawer Labels, or you can make your own using the steps below.

  1. Open up Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint.
  2. Insert a Text Box and decide on the size, outline style/colour by either double clicking on the box and selecting Drawing Tools/Format above or by right clicking on the box and selecting Format Shape. Remember, drawers vary in size so make sure you make your labels the right size.
  3. Click inside the box and decide on a font and font size (I tend to use Comic Sans MS). Type in your first label to check the font and size.
  4. Right click on the box and select copy/(ctrl c), then click somewhere outside the box and right click again selecting paste/(ctrl v). Doing this will make it easier for you because all you’ll need to do for the rest of your drawers is change the label name/colour (and maybe the size depending on the label name).
  5. When you’re happy with them, simply print, cut, laminate and cut again. Then just blue-tack them onto the front of your drawers.


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