*Super Mario Kart Class Mantra*

Last year, when I was a Teaching Assistant in Year 3, I wanted a Super Mario themed classroom so anything I could think of and make, was accomplished the summer before!

Mantra Lettering

My class mantra was “In The Right Lane, To Gain! and this was put above the door. I drew Yoshi and Toad, and a child from my Year 4 class before helped me paint them.

For the lettering, I drew free-hand on red, yellow, green and blue paper. The font was a Super Mario font called Chlorinap. It was cut out, laminated and cut out again. My mum helped me blue-tack it on.



On the door, I also put the 3 types of shells for décor.


I Googled Super Mario Kart characters and Karts and saved a load of images onto my USB.

I replaced the characters’ faces with faces of my class. I also added some extra items next to the characters to show that it was a competitive race. The faces and items were stuck on and laminated.






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