*Pastel Polka-Dot Pencils DIY*

I’ve seen some videos showing this DIY and just had a random urge yesterday to try it out myself. It’s pretty straight forward, but I’ve got some suggestions to make it better from what I did.

  1. First, get some pencils that you’re happy to paint over. Lighter colours will be easier to paint over, darker ones will obviously require more coats of paint.
  2. Then, I got my paints (pink, yellow, green and blue), and turned them into pastel colours by mixing in white until I was happy with the colour. I actually ended up using pastel nail varnish for the yellow and green pencils because they would’ve required too many coats of paint and a lot of patience, which I didn’t have at the time :p.
  3. I used a painting sponge instead of a brush because the paint goes on better and not as streaky.
  4. I painted about 3 coats of the pastel paints, and 2 coats of the nail varnishes. This covered the pencil thick enough to hide the writing that was on it.
  5. After that, I got white paint and some nail dotting tools for the polka-dots. I think white nail varnish is better to use than paint, because the white is more white and the paint seemed a little faint, especially on the pink pencil.
  6. Put the dots on each section of the pencil and keep rotating until it’s all polka-dotted! I also applied some white nail varnish on the ends of 2 of the pencils, and washi tape on another.
  7. For the pencils to dry, both when painted and dotted, I just put 4 balls of blue-tack on my desk and pushed the pencils down, ensuring that the nib was at the top because that part doesn’t sit in the blue-tack as well as the flatter end.
  8. You can either leave your pencils as they are, or my other idea is to cover them with a coat of matte nail varnish which would look pretty cool. There you go! 🙂







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