*Weekly Planner DIY*

  1. First, buy a frame or clip frame in the size you want. I got this A3 one from The Range. I also got the pad of Scrapbook paper and Peter Rabbit Planner Sheets from there too, because I’m slightly obsessed with that place.
Border and backing

2. Remove the glass/plastic from your frame. I used the insert that was already in the frame and just turned it over to use the blank side. I first put some scrapbook paper on the right side, and a planner sheet on the left until I was happy with how it looked. Then I added some silver glitter tape as a border and to hold it all in place.

3. Using a different piece of scrapbook paper, I cut out some lettering which I first drew on free-hand. After cutting out the letters, I placed them on my planner to check if they fit and decided where I wanted to put them. Then, I glued them on separate pieces of plain paper to make them stand out on the patterned backing.

4. Then, I put some washi-tape around my headings to make them stand out a little. These were glued onto the backing.

5. I then put a couple of little post-it and sticky notes in some gaps. Where the backing scrapbook paper is quite busy and patterned, I left it like that because the backing has some cute hearts and flowers on it and it’d be a shame to cover them.

 6. Put the glass/plastic back on and get organised. Make sure you use a whiteboard pen! 🙂


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