*Britto Disney Collection*

I remember when I went to Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, I saw a new Disney collection/range. It was absolutely stunning, the work was beautiful but it was the use of colour that caught my attention. I love colours! They had stationery, figurines and artwork. I took these photos last year of just the figurines.

The designs have always stuck with me, I regret not buying anything, but at the time and had willpower and didn’t actually need anything! I had an idea to create my own piece of art using inspiration from this collection. I Googled it to find out it’s name, which is Britto because this collection was designed by a Pop-artist called  Romero Britto. Here are some of the figurines that you can buy from the Disney Store- Britto Collection website:

This link is to the Shop Britto where you can purchase things straight from his website.

Here’s a link to some Stationery you can buy from Amazon- Britto Disney


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