*Stick-it Tape Dispenser Decor DIY*

This is just a nice way to make your boring plastic tape/glue dispensers look cute!

  1.  First, open it up completely, making sure you don’t move anything on the inside because it might ruin the mechanism.
  2. Then, choose some scrapbook paper. Because my dispenser is translucent, I chose some paper with a design that can be seen through it. It’s better is you get one that’s transparent!
  3. Next, trace around the plastic making sure you trace around the correct part and the right way.
  4. When I cut mine out, I cut some extra because the shape I traced was correct, but the size was too big. Remember the paper needs to sit inside it.
  5. After that, place it down. If it’s still too big, keep cutting until it fits in snuggly.
  6. Finally, close it and make sure it still works fine! ❤



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