*Pop-art Mickey Mouse Canvas DIY*

 I came up with this idea after seeing the *Britto Disney Collection* range at Disneyland Paris. The beautiful, vibrant colours and patterns drew my attention so I wanted to create something like this for my room.

  1. For the first part, you’ll need a blank canvas, paints, paint sponges and tape.

2. I wanted a large Mickey Mouse outline on my canvas, so using a side plate and a coaster, I drew Mickey’s face and ears. Using a ruler, I measured the distance from the edge of the canvas to the plate to make sure it was directly in the centre. I also measured the distance of the coaster from the edge of the 2 sides of the canvas to make sure they were symmetrical.


3. Then, using normal tape, I made a repeated zig-zag/chevron pattern across the canvas. I repeated this 2 more times to make 4 sections to paint. Make sure that you overlap the tape so when you peel it off, it comes off easily in one piece.

4. I had normal-coloured paints, so I mixed some white with them to make pastel colours. Next, I painted each section about 3 times to create an even layer of paint.

5. I decided to add some more colours to my canvas, so after the first lot of colours were dry, I put 2 more patterns of tape on to create more sections. I then painted these in new colours. I didn’t bother painting on the actual Mickey face because that will be covered later anyway.

6. I then peeled off all of the tape once the paint was completely dry. This should leave neat sections, but don’t worry if some of the paint has smudged into the gaps.


7. Using *Duck/Duckling & Washi Tapes*, I filled in the gaps, and made borders for the different sections. This added some more patterns, colours and designs to the canvas.


8. After that, I drew over the Mickey outline again, in pen, so I could see it properly because most of it had been painted over. This is important for the next part to run smoothly.

9. For this next part, you’ll need PVA glue, a sponge, glitter, card or paper and a fan brush.

10. Using a sponge, spread some PVA glue over your chosen section and make sure you stay on the outline. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then pour the excess onto paper/card so you can pour it back into your glitter pot/container. Using the fan brush, neaten the outline and get rid of unwanted glitter sprinkles. I started with the left ear, then the face and finally, the right ear.

There you go ❤



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