Monthly Archives: June 2016

*Gold Pegasus Dish DIY*

Sorry I’ve been absent, decided to quit my job so DIYing had to be put on hold. Still trying to figure out life, but wanted to share this DIY with you! So simple, yet beautiful ❤

You’ll need a plastic toy animal of your choice, a plastic dish/container and your preferred colour of spray paint. Both the Pegasus and Gold Spray are from Wilko.

  1. First, make sure that the dish is both clean and thoroughly dry.
  2. Then, superglue the animal to the centre of your dish.
  3. Next, using a went-ventilated area, and with some paper down to catch any extra spray paint, cover everything with a coat of spray. I did two coats altogether to give it a bold colour.
  4. Check it is all even and completely covered and leave it to dry. This took 10-15 mins.
  5. There you go, simplicity at it’s best.