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*Interchangeable Frame Art DIY*

Ok, so this idea came about after I bought a cute frame, some stunning wrapping paper, and I also remembered that I already have other wrapping/scrapbook paper that would be great to use.

  1. You will need a frame, wrapping/scrapbook paper, a pencil, black marker, scissors, glue, white paper, access to a laptop and printer (unless you’re not lazy) and washy tape is optional

2. Then, decide on what you want in your frame. I Googled some images which are above. I also created the outline of the letter R in Times New Roman Font using Publisher which I printed out. Another ouline I made was a Mickey Mouse Head outline by inserting 3 circles and positioning them onto another page in Publisher. I then printed these out, but like I stated above, if you’re not as lazy as me, you can draw your own outlines. After printing them, cut them out carefully and decide which way round you want them. Obviously with most alphabet letters, there’s only one way, but with cartoon images, you can choose what looks better.

These are my 5 outlines! With the unicorn, I added 2 lines to make the horn because the outline is of a horse! Ha


3. Next, stick your outlines on the plain side of your wrapping/scrapbook paper. Then cut them out careully. Now, an issue I had with the Winnie The Pooh outline is that when I stuck it onto the back of my Winnie The Pooh paper, you could see the black lines through it. I’ll show you what I had to do, but I’m lucky that it actually turned out amazing! This is also where you can use washy tape. Stick it straight onto the outline horizontally, vertically or diagonally and then cut the whole thing out.

This is what you’ll be left with!


4. Finally, decide which one you want in your frame and there you go. So you’ll see below that with the Winnie one I went over the lines with a black marker and I actuallly prefer the effect it’s given to the overall piece. ❤