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*Michaels Haul*

Omg, I went absolutely crazy at Michaels yesterday. I’ve been in Toronto, Canada for 6 days now and spent the most amount of money ($110) at Michaels! Worth it! ❤️

These were on sale for $2 each!

Don’t even need a mouse mat but this design was too cute! Also have daily planner pages from the sale section.

Stickers and Post its ❤️

More post its!

Page flags!
Elephant stickers 🐘

Diamond pins! 💎

Washy Tape

Key bag charm


*Because normal Paperclips are boring*

I came across these 2 sets of paperclips on Aliexpress (apologies I cannot remember where I got the woodland-themed clips from).

They came quickly, free delivery and in great quality.

Super Mario themed Paperclips

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed Paperclips


*Britto Disney Collection*

I remember when I went to Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, I saw a new Disney collection/range. It was absolutely stunning, the work was beautiful but it was the use of colour that caught my attention. I love colours! They had stationery, figurines and artwork. I took these photos last year of just the figurines.

The designs have always stuck with me, I regret not buying anything, but at the time and had willpower and didn’t actually need anything! I had an idea to create my own piece of art using inspiration from this collection. I Googled it to find out it’s name, which is Britto because this collection was designed by a Pop-artist called  Romero Britto. Here are some of the figurines that you can buy from the Disney Store- Britto Collection website:

This link is to the Shop Britto where you can purchase things straight from his website.

Here’s a link to some Stationery you can buy from Amazon- Britto Disney

*Sugar? Yes please!*


Happy Easter everyone :).

I have a sweet tooth and I eat sweets daily. I don’t eat chocolate so I don’t feel so bad about eating sweets! Marshmallows, marshmallow fluff, Haribos, jelly beans/babies/bunnies, dolly mix, lollipops, etc…

A kid at school got me a Weenie Beanies jelly bean holder so I just stock up on my sweets and keep it on my desk. I also have a supply at school 👍.

Pictures 1 & 2: Set of 3 Tins from Home Bargains.

Picture: 4 of sweets for £1 at Asda.

Pictures 5/6/7: Fox’s sweets £1 each from Home Bargains.

*Duck/Duckling & Washi Tapes*

I don’t know where this obsession came from, but craft tapes are amazing. The variety of Duck tapes in existence is out of this word (some literally Space-themed), I didn’t even discover Duckling tapes until last week. I just seem to see Duck and Washi tapes everywhere I go so I decided to start bringing them home with me, after all, they need homes :p.

Here, I’ll post links to where I purchased all of the above tapes from.

  1. Rainbow tape: Tiger Store
  2. Gold Glitter tape: Tesco Scottie Dog and Leopard print Duck tapes : Asda
  3. Pastel Patterned tapes: Tiger Store
  4. Multi-coloured Glitter tapes & Forest Friends Duck tape: The Range
  5. Love-themed tapes: Poundland
  6. Bold Coloured and Patterned tapes: Tiger Store
  7. 7 & 8 Multi-coloured Zig-Zag Duckling tape: Hobby Craft
  8. ”                                                            “
  9. 9-11 Pastel Zig-Zag and Hexagonal tapes: Hobby Craft